Teapot & Cupcake Charm Necklace – Nadia Minkoff London

啊~ 不可思議 去一趟5天4夜的倫敦之旅竟然不知不覺的也拍了一千多張照片!!!    我看要全部整理好 都需要花上不止一點時間和耐心吧?! ><“
放棄了買Mulberry 多少還是有那麼點空虛…  雖然在紐約也試揹了N次 但奇怪就是沒什麼感覺耶!  看樣子真的與Mulberry無緣…  
聽到這句話 A應該會感到很欣慰吧?!  
仗著愛買的個性 硬在返回紐約的飛機上買個什麼的… 好啦 就是妳!
Teapt & Cupcake Charm necklace by Nadia Minkoff London  
機上目錄有特別介紹品牌的designer Nadia 無疑就是英國倫敦品牌喔!  還特別註明 水晶是made with Swarovski Elements哩!
包裝很簡單 15英磅 
項鍊的主題是倫敦著名的下午茶 當然少不了茶壺和蛋糕啦 仔細看還真的算滿精緻!  除了 我個人覺得那個 “& “和”蛋糕”中間的突出鍊子以外 怎麼看怎麼怪…
你們應該跟我一樣疑惑…  Swarovski Elements係瞎??   
Swarovski Elements is the premium brand for finest crystal elements manufactured by Swarovski. 
Nadia Minkoff creates London-themed gift set for Virgin Atlantic http://www.moodiereport.com/document.php?c_id=30&doc_id=30830
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2 Responses to Teapot & Cupcake Charm Necklace – Nadia Minkoff London

  1. Thank you for this write up, I have just been shown it and I can’t understand it but it looks very pretty :), can we post it on our Nadia Minkoff London FB page??? Nadia

    • shihchow says:

      Hello Nadia,
      Yes, of course! It was my very informal and casual writing on my Nadia purchase on VIrgin Atlantic flight back to NYC. Thank you for liking it! Cheers,Shih

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