ET你 真的有那麼很神奇嗎? – Talika Cream Booster

嘻~~ 感謝友人香港出差 幫姐妹倆帶回來Talika Cream Booster 其實這個東東我也是聽Jane說的喔!  怕被唸 趕快先把折責任推的一乾二淨 ^o^ ( 揮汗中…)  
這個 我覺得看起來很像ET的摩棒 除了看過它們家的眼部保養品外 在紐約竟然找不到這個so called “神奇的”booster?!   查了一下 台灣訂價TWD$4000  好加在 國泰機上購入 就便宜許多了!!     
Booster應該就是所謂的美容導入儀器吧!?   說明書上講的都很神…  除了按摩可以幫助保養品迅速吸收的效果外…   還有就是上面那三顆點點的LED燈  每當一接觸到皮膚時 booster馬上就會震動 而上面的LED燈也會跟著發出橘色的光  據說是可以 “刺激” 製造膠原質啦… 
猴鰓擂!  有沒有?  聽起來有沒有粉神奇呀?! 所以~ 不管真的還是假的 小白老鼠馬上上身…  
嗯(Justin的口頭禪)!  看樣子 才使用了兩次 應該還沒那麼快見效…  
希望別三分熱度過後 打入冷宮就是了! ^^”
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5 Responses to ET你 真的有那麼很神奇嗎? – Talika Cream Booster

  1. jane says:

    Thanks to our Annie baby~ i was thikning since she is at Guatamala now, might not’s well ask her to get us soome mangos, pineapples back..what u thikn…lol…

  2. yeung says:

    how was the effect?? coz i will back to hk soon from uk and might buy it on plane

    • shihchow says:

      Well… I personally don’t see or feel any change after weeks of using. So Maybe it’s not that worth to get!

      • yeung says:

        i see thanks!! 🙂 i am a student and saving £ to buy present for sis, so i would only invest if its useful, your comments really help 🙂

  3. shihchow says:

    You are very welcome Yeung, and I totally agree with you!

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