A Potty Chair for Jacob

Jacob is going to be two on Moday, July 13. 
So his mummy thinks its time to train him to pee on his own.
So his uncle A and antie Shih went to babyrus and found a potty chair for him. 
There were many potty chairs to choose from….
Facy ones, but material wise were so so…
Finally, we decided to get this one from the BABYBJÖRN
Nothng face but very simple and very practical!
So many different colors and so cute!
But not all colors in stock, we picked….
the last one, in green.
I personally love this simple design very much!
I hope Jacob will soon mater his potty skill!
Happy Birthday, Jackie!
We love you! Red lips
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3 Responses to A Potty Chair for Jacob

  1. Corinna says:

    yup~i bought this one too ne^^i chose the one that the girl was seating on it. I thought it has qualitier than others.

  2. Acha says:

    I havent started to train Ryan pee but soon has to try again…My boy still cant pee by himself, but his dad and mom have already bought him two potty chairs…… Aiiiii………………….Just dont wanna start the pee pee training la …… :(

  3. Shih says:

    Well, Jane haven’t start training Jacob yet. But she thinks its time, coz sometimes Jacob would hand a diaper to her or any of us adults around him and ask to change his diaper. So I guess he dosen’t feel comfortable wearing a wet diaper ba. By the way, how do you train a boy? I think its easier to train a girl! Good luck to all the moms out there~

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